The Kardashian’s Home for Teens

Boo Hoo.  Why so sad Kylie?  Not too sure about the black and white theme you are committing to?

Sure…I think it’s a great idea that you took on home ownership at such a young age.

I mean, what 18 year old wants to live at home anymore?

Now, you can spend your carefree years worrying about everything that will go wrong in your new home.

And boy, it sure will go wrong one day.  

Nothing stays model home-ish for too long. 

Soon, there will be scuffs on the wall, scratches on the floor, dirty dishes piling up.

But do not fret.  A selfie will take away all those home ownership worries.  

My advice to you…keep the drop cloths on the floor as long as you can.

That way, you won’t have to vacuum as much, or use that swiffer mop. 



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