Jessica Biel is back to her old self! Yeah!

Is that really the Jessica Biel, who just recently had a baby, and that Justin Timberlake????

Yeah!  Jessica Biel is finally allowed out of the house…she’s back in shape.

She’s smiling…She’s got her sunnies on….life is grand!!!

I was super excited when this came across my news feed, that I just had to quote Eonline’s  hard hitting news reporting:

Quote from Eonline about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake….

Biel and Timberlake, 34, were seen on Wednesday near an animal hospital in Woodland Hills, near Los Angeles. The two share a dog, Tina, who was not spotted. Biel showcased her post-baby body in a white T-shirt and ripped jeans and was seen smiling as she walked with her husband, who was dressed in a gray tee and jeans and sported a Memphis Grizzlies cap.

Talk about your descriptive journalism..Thanks for all the unwanted information..

Caitlyn requires a lot of primping

The I am Cait docu series finally aired last Sunday.

I missed it’s debut.  Whoops!

But, I did make some time yesterday to watch it on the DVR, and boy!  was it something.

I am concerned that Bruce, ehem…Caitlyn is becoming one of those “stereotypes” of a woman who always worries about how they look.

I though for sure with Caitlyn’s athletic background that she would be an easygoing woman, running around in yoga pants, sunglasses, pony tail, and no makeup.

You know….a woman like Kate Hudson, or Jessica Alba, or Madonna… who doesn’t care how they look but are naturally pretty.  

Those athletic types of women are more confident, and not victims of the beauty industry.

But Caitlyn…you are on the other side of the spectrum.  You are more like Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce.

Those type of women require glam squads, tons of makeup, blow outs, hair curling, and designer fashions.


Thanks for pushing ladies back 40 years Caitlyn.

There is more to life than a Kardashian….sorry.

It seems of late that all my postings are of pregnant celebrities and anyone from the Kardashian family.

It really is self explanatory:

  1. The Kardashian’s are constantly in the press, so guess what…their PR is working on my brain.  I want to talk about them every day.
  2. Celebrity pregnancies are an anomaly in itself.  Why?  Well, we all know that celebrities who are pregnant try very hard to not look pregnant.  So, it’s really funny to me when a pregnant celebrity like Kim Kardashian tries to stop mother nature, then fails…well..she becomes a normal pregnant lady.  Kim, normal?  Yikes!

But, hopefully, I am not getting too far away from interesting postings.

I will think about some other topics to muse about later.

Kim is still wearing a Coat


Lycra is not your best pregnancy friend.

First, the baby bump isn’t quite there yet…so it looks like you just overate.

Second, I am proud that the swelling of the lower legs and cankle area has not infiltrated this pregnancy yet.  Remember the last pregnancy? 

I will check back in a few months.

Third, the bra needs some adjustment now.  It’s time to buy one size up.


Ashlee Simpson-Ross is Jessica Simpson

Ashlee Simpson- Ross  is about as pregnant as she can be.

Sadly, she has morphed into the same pregnancy “style” as her older sister Jessica was during her own pregnancy:  Large flowing mumus, hats, and flip flops.

I am afraid if she doesn’t birth this baby soon, she will have to cut up her curtains, or Kingsize duvet covers to satisfy her fashion.  

I am sure Jessica is secretly chuckling, because everyone remembers her as a pregnant woman.

The Kardashian Sisterly love outing..


Please wear a padded bra like your sister Khloe… and also lose those spandex lycra dresses…your unborn baby needs some room to breathe.


The macrame skirt is ok, but not with that crisscross top.  Your bottom says summer, your top says winter.


You look fabulous, but I think black hair will make you less lioness, and more Kardashian.  Your pants need to be altered about an inch, too.


Scott…you were their last hope!

This has been a weekend of heartbreak.

And now Scott Disick is a single man again.

Kourtney, you did the right thing by dumping that baby daddy to the curb.

The only sad thing about this whole scenario is the children and lack of a positive male figure.

It’s not like Bruce… I mean Caitlyn….is going to give up the makeup, and dresses, and parade appearances now.

Who’s going to fill in for the kids now, as a positive male role model?

Kayne?   Maybe.

Your brother who is a recluse?  No.

Maybe Brody Jenner will step in now, make amends with the family, and get the love he so deserves.  Not going to happen.

Sorry Kourtney.

Dear Hilaria….Momma’s and lingerie don’t mix

Dear Hilaria Baldwin, wife of famous actor Alec Baldwin,

We know you are proud of your ever shrinking baby belly.


But, one day, your new son, Rafael is going surf the web and see that his mommy loved to dress up in lingerie pics each week.  My guess is he won’t be ok with that as a teen.  An impressionable boy doesn’t need to associate lingerie with his momma.

So, in the hopes of a more sane child for the future please put on some workout clothes to share your belly.

Obviously, no one is asking to see your sexy lingerie post baby.  

Is Alec forcing this behavior on you?  

We know you are super fit, and a super woman, and all that.   

I know you  said that you are trying to help other women feel ok with their bodies post baby, but guess what, most woman aren’t like you!

So please, put on some clothes….


The Kardashian’s Home for Teens

Boo Hoo.  Why so sad Kylie?  Not too sure about the black and white theme you are committing to?

Sure…I think it’s a great idea that you took on home ownership at such a young age.

I mean, what 18 year old wants to live at home anymore?

Now, you can spend your carefree years worrying about everything that will go wrong in your new home.

And boy, it sure will go wrong one day.  

Nothing stays model home-ish for too long. 

Soon, there will be scuffs on the wall, scratches on the floor, dirty dishes piling up.

But do not fret.  A selfie will take away all those home ownership worries.  

My advice to you…keep the drop cloths on the floor as long as you can.

That way, you won’t have to vacuum as much, or use that swiffer mop.