Taylor Swift and friends on a boat

Poor Calvin.  A double armed hug from Taylor is a little emasculating….

Taylor..we know you are the more powerful one in this relationship, so please stop hugging your man like an over clingy girlfriend.

Let’s take a closer look at this picture:

  1. Taylor’s stronghold grip is really an expression of ownership. She is claiming Calvin as hers.
  2. Calvin, are you thinking to yourself, “Help!  She’s smothering me!”
  3. Joe Jonas, you are looking a little bored with Gigi.  Are you thinking how long do you have to date her before you dump her, so you won’t look like a jerk?
  4. Gigi, are you thinking of Cody and how much you wish you were with someone closer to your age?
  5. Karlie Kloss, you are grinning uncomfortably because you are the fifth wheel on this couple fest.

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