Elton John is displacing his Anger

I am really sad that Elton John isn’t speaking to his 90 year old mother.

Yes.  Sir Elton isn’t so proper after all.

The riff between them began about 7 years ago, when his mom was in her 80s…

Elton probably didn’t think at the time, telling his 83 year old mother that he hated her,  would cause a decade old estrangement.

Thanks Elton.  

But now that she is 90, well, there is no excuse Elton….pull up your big boy pants, and call your mum to apologize and make amends.

Maybe that is why he is on a rampage.  Recently, he yelled at some staffer at his concert who told the crowd to put their arms down…. he went completely bonkers on her.  Check out the damage below.

He must be displacing his anger towards his mother, onto other older women.  tsk tsk .   (click to see video)

Elton, after all you have put your mother through, like your drug addictions and suicide attempts, plus your sunglass collection…..make up with her.

Because, what goes around comes around, and one day your cute little toddlers will stop talking to you on your 90th birthday.

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