I’m pregnant…but where’s my baby bump?

I overheard a pregnant woman talking about how she still hasn’t gotten her baby bump yet.

“I am super bummed I don’t have a bump yet…where is it?  I’m like 5 months now.” Blah Blah Blah.

She just wanted to have a big ole’ pregnant belly.

When she “finally pops”,  as she so eloquently put it, like she’s some Purdue Oven Roaster chicken, she will finally be pregnant!

Mum-to-beThe bump means a lot to a pregnant woman.  I would like to hear her complaints when she’s about 8 months pregnant…  “Oh…it’s so big…it’s stretchy and tight….I want my body back.  Ugh…I am so miserable.”

As her pregnancy progresses, it’s only natural that the next thing she will start complaining about is “It’s my due date….blah blah blah.  Where is my baby?  It’s supposed to be here NOW!”  

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