Jason Statham and Colin Farrell have Accents

Jason Statham wants to be the next James Bond.

images (3)And, I am completely ok with that.

However,  Jason has one problem…..his hard to understand English accent.

Sure, he has great looks, and a Bond like body.

But, the voice thing is a big problem.

Sometimes, Colin Farrell, who I think is the most amazing actor of our generation, is another actor with a thick accent.

images (4)I am sure anyone from their beloved countries would have no problem understanding them.  

But,  the last Colin Farrell movie I watched,  required my full attention, and sometimes my brain would not work with what I was hearing.  It was hard to hear him through his Irish accent.

I would skip over words, or just omit them from my thoughts, and say to myself, “Huh? What did he just say?”

I guess if Hollywood filmmakers put the dialogue on the bottom of the screen, that might help the “accent challenged person” like myself.

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