Sure…go ahead… can order a thousand more of those things.

Do you ever go into a store and it’s so full of clothes and things that you wonder why some head honcho at the corporate office gave a lower level employee permission to buy, buy, buy?

Sometimes I think it will take years for all the stuff crammed into the store to just move on out.

Sure, sales rack are the perfect place to find all the forgotten things that no one wants.

But, if it is jammed packed, and there is so much new stuff around the racks that you can’t even get to the sales rack, you just give up in sheer exhaustion and mind explosion.

After your mind has calmed down, and your heart stops racing, all the new stuff at full price seems reasonable.

But, it’s not like I have any luck finding something amazing in the sales racks anyway.

The stuff that ends up on those racks are usually hideous, ugly, out of season, or full of lipstick stains. 

I always wonder what do the stores do with all the extra clothes?  That’s probably where Marshalls and TJ Maxx come into play.

The unwanted stuff will find it’s way to the savvy shopper one way or another.

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