Cornbread for dessert

images (1)Is cornbread from the bread family, or is it considered a cake?

I purchased some already made cornbread with blueberries in it, and I am convinced that it’s not really apart of the bread family.

It falls more into the category of cakes and desserts.

What other bread items are judged as dessert?:

  1. Blueberry muffins:  They are sweet like a cake, so they really aren’t a side dish to a salad.
  2. Apple cinnamon muffins:  Again, another sweet dessert type.
  3. Cinnamon rolls:  uh…should never be a bread option at the table.
  4. Coffee cake..  not bread. It’s cake.
  5. Banana bread:  sweet, dense, dessert-like..can be eaten alone with a glass of milk.

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