Target…you had me at the door.

There has to be more to life than buying socks and deodorant.

A shopping trip to Target is a journey unlike no other.  There is only randomness, and mindless wandering.

When you first walk in, it’s only to buy a few things.  But the power of the store is greater than the willpower of anything reasonable in life.

For example, this is what is going on in my brain once I wander through the store:

  • Sure, I could buy more toothpaste and band aids…never have enough of those.
  • Oops…maybe some paper towels and paper plates.
  • Let’s not forget some sharpies, and some KIND bars.
  • How about some nail polish?  Or some DOVE Coconut soap..that smells good.
  • I know what else….some Poland Spring water bottles AND some Gatorade.
  • OK….That should be about it.
  • What did I come in here for?  Oh that’s right, socks and deodorant.

WOW! There is something more to life than buying just socks and deodorant.

Thanks Target!  TargetLogo

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