Caitlyn Jenner…….a REAL woman ALWAYS knows how long it takes to get ready!

Caitlyn Jenner…

Now that you are officially a woman, please don’t grandstand on a feminist pedestal, and state that being a woman takes a lot of work.  Women have always been aware of the amount of time it takes to look their best every day. 

This isn’t ground breaking news!

Since the time they were babies, women have always been put through these rigors in all stages of their lives.  That is probably why we don’t whine and complain about it as much as men would:

A woman’s hair over the years:

  • Baby:  Hair in bows
  • Elementary years:  Whatever your mom wants is what you get: bangs,  bobs, ponytails, pig tails, curls, and buns.
  • Middle School – High School years: Straight hair that needs to be flat ironed, blow-dried, etc.
  • Early 20s :  Sensible, work appropriate hair.  This might be the time women get shorter hair.
  • 30s: Mom type hair, pulled in ponytail, etc, still experimenting with new colors and styles.
  • 40s-60s:Coloring, Coloring, Coloring.

Please don’t try to change the world of hair now.


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