But, she was my BFF First….

So, what does a BFF do when her BFF gets married?images (2)

Is she technically her friend’s BFF anymore, or does that honor go to the new hubby?

Usually, in any great relationship, the partners should be each others best friend.  There probably isn’t enough room or time for the old BFF.  The newlyweds are too involved in their own lives.

Sadly, your married best friend has no time for you anymore.

Here are some ways a forgotten friend can get on with her life without her main BFF:

  1. Once her best friend gets married, she can start a new relationship with any man who finds her interesting.  This will keep her busy.
  2. She can periodically make instagram collages of her old friendship, in hopes of breaking the bond of her best friend’s new marriage.  Picture memories always tug at the heart.
  3. If her old BFF’s new hubby is away for the weekend, she can swoop in and plan a girls night out with her best friend, and maybe go to a bar.  Her old BFF is secretly happy she has some freedom from her marriage…but the hubby will be mad.
  4. She can passive aggressively post snide comments on Twitter, or Instagram about her friend.
  5. She can start ignoring her hubby. Once friendships mix with a marriage,  lots of problems can happen.

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