The Kardashian’s in Montana and other things

The rental house the Kardashian’s rented in Big Sky, Montana was amazing!

 You really have to watch Keeping Up the Kardashians in order to appreciate the real beauty of this home.

I was curious to see if renting this estate was reasonable, and guess what?  It’s not.

It looks like the peak rate on this rental home during ski season was about $15,000 a night.  

Now I can completely understand why Scott Disick wanted to move there..  

But Scott, you were a little whiny.  Your home in Calabasas is probably on the same level of awesomeness.  

Later in the episode, Kim was complaining that she was so “over it” regarding her fertility issues.

Huh?  Her blasé attitude was so Kardashian-like, especially with some fertility doctor sitting right next to her, trying his best to cure her woes.

In fact, he looked a little shocked about her lack of enthusiasm with the whole process.

Ugh…Kardashian entitlement problems…

Of course, even with Kim’s blase attitude about getting pregnant, she lucked out and is pregnant with #2.

Congrats Kayne and Kim. Hope this pregnancy is better than the first one…and not like the last one… when you had to suffer with those swollen feet/ankles.17-kim-kardashian-feet-1.w529.h352.2x

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