Taylor Swift and friends on a boat

Poor Calvin.  A double armed hug from Taylor is a little emasculating….

Taylor..we know you are the more powerful one in this relationship, so please stop hugging your man like an over clingy girlfriend.

Let’s take a closer look at this picture:

  1. Taylor’s stronghold grip is really an expression of ownership. She is claiming Calvin as hers.
  2. Calvin, are you thinking to yourself, “Help!  She’s smothering me!”
  3. Joe Jonas, you are looking a little bored with Gigi.  Are you thinking how long do you have to date her before you dump her, so you won’t look like a jerk?
  4. Gigi, are you thinking of Cody and how much you wish you were with someone closer to your age?
  5. Karlie Kloss, you are grinning uncomfortably because you are the fifth wheel on this couple fest.

Kim Kardashian’s Coat is almost too long….

Pregnancy fashion news!

Kim Kardashian was last seen wearing this outfit to do a little shopping.

It appears to me that her coat is almost too long, like she is going to sweep the garage floor and the sidewalks…a job only meant for lower class fabrics. 

But, thank goodness she has a wonderful seamstress and stylist who hems it just right.  


I was always worried about her expensive coats, or dresses, that obviously she never wears again,  getting ruined at the bottom.


Modern Family Reruns are on again…

Don’t get me wrong.

I love Modern Family.

I love that this show is on re-runs now, and can be seen all hours of the day.

But, if I have to watch the same Modern Family episode again and again….my mind might explode.

Please start showing episodes from other seasons.  Seinfeld and Friends are good examples of shows that offer a variety.  But Modern Family, you still aren’t doing it right.  

It’s time to mix it up Network people.


A woman on a monetary bill? WOW. How Convenient.

Ok. The US Treasury wants to change the image of a person on a monetary bill and make it into a woman instead.

Does this have something to do with Caitlyn Jenner?  I hope not.  

I feel this is a large part of the Democratic machine who wants to get Hillary Clinton elected as president. 

Wow!  If we see a female on a monetary bill, then we should elect a female as a president.

You win.  You brainwashed me now.  (not really)


Kim Kardashian is rethinking her Fashion this Pregnancy!

Oh No! Kim Kardashian is having one of those pregnancies!  

She is revamping her last pregnancy style, with a new and improved pregnant Kim.

I think this is just the beginning of her pregnancy redo.

According to E! online, a place where all great news comes from, Kim K. was caught in a mid drift baring top.  

The paparazzi got a fantastic glimpse of her baby bump, and rejoiced! They were jumping for joy!

And according to E! online, she wasn’t ashamed of it.

She was, however, wearing those strappy shoes again, and those type of shoes will not be kind to her swollen ankles and feet.

Remember Kim, from the last pregnancy?  We couldn’t get over those swollen feet and ankles.  Yikes!

Alas…all the fashion from her first pregnancy will be a distant memory.


We will miss all of those  A-line TUTU dresses in monochrome colors.  And bangs. 

Coursera is the College of Millions

I took an online Coursera course, and I didn’t do a thing for the class, but they graduated me anyways.

Yeah!  I love being a part of a mega school, where no one knows my name, and the teacher doesn’t check on my progress.

When I first signed up for the course, I had high hopes that I would be able to fit in some learning.

But, time and weeks creeped by. Peer papers were due; tests were to be taken.  Reading was to be done.

Thankfully, I received all the recognitions and happy emails from Coursera telling me after the 6 week course was over, that I completed it!

That makes it so much better.  I am not a failure after all.

Kate wears a long shirt

Dear Kate, Duchess of Cambridge,

Holy Moly!  You are amazing girl!

You must be one of those “rebound mommies”,  you know, Mom’s who never looked like they had a baby 6 weeks ago.

An example of those mamas are Halle Berry, Kate Hudson ( only after her last baby) , Angelina Jolie, and maybe Jennifer Garner.  

I know that you probably wearing some Spanx… but that’s ok.  

Just remember to always have your shirt tail longer than your waistline, so no one can peek at your old pregnancy belly.

Well, I know your super busy with those babies and Prince William.


Elton John is displacing his Anger

I am really sad that Elton John isn’t speaking to his 90 year old mother.

Yes.  Sir Elton isn’t so proper after all.

The riff between them began about 7 years ago, when his mom was in her 80s…

Elton probably didn’t think at the time, telling his 83 year old mother that he hated her,  would cause a decade old estrangement.

Thanks Elton.  

But now that she is 90, well, there is no excuse Elton….pull up your big boy pants, and call your mum to apologize and make amends.

Maybe that is why he is on a rampage.  Recently, he yelled at some staffer at his concert who told the crowd to put their arms down…. he went completely bonkers on her.  Check out the damage below.

He must be displacing his anger towards his mother, onto other older women.  tsk tsk .   (click to see video)

Elton, after all you have put your mother through, like your drug addictions and suicide attempts, plus your sunglass collection…..make up with her.

Because, what goes around comes around, and one day your cute little toddlers will stop talking to you on your 90th birthday.

Jennifer will be the future other Jennifer

Jennifer Lawrence will eventually turn into Jennifer Aniston…..in 20 years.

When I first saw this picture today, I thought it was Jennifer Aniston.

And immediately I started judging her and thought:

Your almost 50, put away those shortie shorts.

But, after reading the article further, I saw it was 20 something Jennifer Lawrence…and then it was ok.

I’m pregnant…but where’s my baby bump?

I overheard a pregnant woman talking about how she still hasn’t gotten her baby bump yet.

“I am super bummed I don’t have a bump yet…where is it?  I’m like 5 months now.” Blah Blah Blah.

She just wanted to have a big ole’ pregnant belly.

When she “finally pops”,  as she so eloquently put it, like she’s some Purdue Oven Roaster chicken, she will finally be pregnant!

Mum-to-beThe bump means a lot to a pregnant woman.  I would like to hear her complaints when she’s about 8 months pregnant…  “Oh…it’s so big…it’s stretchy and tight….I want my body back.  Ugh…I am so miserable.”

As her pregnancy progresses, it’s only natural that the next thing she will start complaining about is “It’s my due date….blah blah blah.  Where is my baby?  It’s supposed to be here NOW!”