A Calabasas Prom starring Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith wore a dress to some Hunger Games actresses prom!

Instagram pic:jayden-smith-promWhich got me to thinking.

If you go to a Calabasas area prom,  dressed like a woman, are you on the same path as another famous ex- Calabasas resident………the infamous Bruce Jenner?

My theory:  Going to a Calabasas prom eventually leads to becoming a Malibu transgender like Mr. Jenner.  

Of course, we will have to watch Jaden Smith closely over the next 50 years to prove my theory.

Yahoo online celebrity news section was first to break the story… but US Weekly was on top of it,  too.

These are my take-aways from the Yahoo article:  (sorry US Weekly) 

  • “While Jaden opted to leave his superhero costume hanging in the closet this time around, he wore an equally unique outfit to prom no. 2.”
  • “Smith likes to experiment with “girl clothes,” so it wasn’t all that surprising that he showed up in a black-and-white dress, skinny black pants, and a black blazer for the occasion.”
  • “He accessorized with a fingerless white-and-gold glove and pair of sneakers.”
  • “The only traditional thing about the After Earth star’s look was his boutonniere.”

I can’t imagine Daddy Fresh Prince is happy about this….

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