The Struggle of an Artist and the Beach

I always wondered to be an “artist”, you know like a musician, actor or a person who makes crafts, is there a daily struggle to live?

It’s not like it’s a 9 to 5 job.

Do they wake up at noon all the time?

Or stay up late every night “working” on their craft?

Do they even eat regular meals?  

It seems like such a selfish job, where everything about their life is avoiding real-life problems, like paying rent, or earning a regular paycheck.  

What’s even more annoying are that these artist types always have some sort of drama in their lives. 

When they write something on twitter,   it’s either about what song they love, or song they are having difficulty writing. They always complaining about something, or talking about some inspirational crap they are reading, or commenting about their favorite coffee shop, or exercise routine.

Some artists say they their creativity is stifled so that’s why they have to lay on a beach somewhere, to relax, and get inspired.    Puh lease…just be honest and say life is hard, I can’t deal with day to day living, so I am going to chill on a beach and drink some cocktails.

“It’s all for my craft…”  

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