A Memorial Day Pool Party….Are you sure?

Memorial-Day-PartyMemorial Day Weekend involves going to a bbq or the beach…. but it’s still chilly outside.

It’s definitely a red, white, and blue weekend. In the market there were lots of red, white, and blue flowers, and some flags. I even noticed some festive cupcakes made to look like a flag.  Of course, there were lots of bbq items placed throughout the store, like corn on the cob, hamburger buns, watermelons, cupcakes, potato salads, and balloons.

I am not even sure I am going to bbq.  I might just watch a movie, or get some sleep.

Yesterday, a friend with an outdoor pool said,  “The pools’s open, come on over and swim this weekend.” Huh?  It was like 50 degrees last night…

Uh..unless that water is heated to about 80 degrees, there is no way I am going to freeze my bum, and eat some hamburgers.  I will wait until July 4th.  Thanks!

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