A whisk isn’t better than an electric mixer…

original_sad-cake-day-cake-stencilIf you bake a cake from a cake mix, make sure you mix it with an electric mixer, and not take a lazy shortcut like I did…. with a wire whisk.

There is a good reason for these instructions on the cake mix box. 

These were my mistakes in using a whisk instead of a mixer:

  1. I could not physically replicate the speed of a hand mixer.  No one can!
  2. Even though the dough looked mixed, after it came out of the oven,  the cake tasted like unmixed batter…it was a little off.
  3. Two minutes mixing with an electric mixer seems long, but it’s even longer when using a whisk.  I gave up after one minute from sheer exhaustion.
  4. Lastly, the cake will fail ….( it will!) ….and will taste like crap.  (It does!)

I had a sad cake day. 😦