T-Swift brother forgotten again

First off, I want to say I wasn’t too crazy about the Billboard Music Awards show.

How many times do we have to see Taylor Swift hug it out with her new beau, Calvin Harris?

We get it lovebirds.  You showed the world your ability to have an adult relationship.

Even J-Lo was getting pissed off about your love.  She probably whispered to Casper, why don’t you hug me like that?

And that jumpsuit? Ugh….

taylor-swift-calvin-harris-hug-inlineI was hoping you were taped in pretty good, because every chance you had, you were leaning forward with your cleavage hanging out.

I did want to say that your brother is a saint for putting up with your celebrity.  He moved around a lot last night.  First he was sitting behind you, next he was sitting with some model friend of yours, and finally, he earned a special spot next to you for one moment of the night.  But, sadly, he was booted again for your love, Calvin.

I hope next year it will be the year of someone else winning awards.