Dear owner, I love your bed……Signed, the Cat.

I have a cat who likes to announce himself when he jumps on the bed at night.

No, it’s not like he is alerting me to something dangerous.

It’s more of a small meow, alerting me that he has arrived, and has decided to plop next to me.

I  think he announces his appearance so I won’t roll over on him.  It is purely selfish on the cat’s side.  He could care less that he just woke me up, or that I have to wake up in a few hours.

Usually,  I wouldn’t mind snuggling up to my cute cat before I go to sleep.

But when I am in a deep sleep, and it’s like 4am, I am kind of annoyed.

I can’t blame the cat though.

I have trained my cat to bother me, since he knows when he jumps on my bed, he will get positive affirmation in tummy rubs.

If my cat was to pen a letter, explaining his actions,  it would go something like this:

Dear Owner,

I tried to find a place to sleep, but my fake climbing tree you have downstairs is full of old cat hair.  And, I am not stupid to think that tree is real… I know it’s just some carpeted pieces of wood.  It’s not very comfy.

Your bed, on the other hand, looks pretty amazing.

Sorry I jumped on your feet, and meowed a few times.

I am just fearful for my life, as I didn’t want you to kick me across the room while you were sleeping, or roll over and crush me.

Hey, thanks for the tummy rubs,  too.  I really wasn’t expecting that, but thanks!  You really should get more sleep.  I know you have to feed me, and change my litter box in a few hours.  G’nite.


The Cat