Chinese take out…next time

We went to a Chinese food restaurant last evening.

First, Chinese food restaurants always have those placemats with the Chinese horoscopes printed on them.

It’s always fun to see what characteristics your animal zodiac says about you, and of others sitting at the table with you.

Just be warned, there will always be one person far more superior than the others at the table.

I was told that my sign, the Rooster, was not friends with the Rabbit sign. Thankfully, I was not dining with anyone from the Rabbit years.  That would have been awkward.

So back to the dinner.  Most of the time, I order Chinese take out at home, where I can eat in privacy.

At home, the food goes pretty quickly, because you can open up all the containers on the counter, and chow down without judgement.

When you go out to eat, it’s a different story.

First, we were seated in an small booth for four people. As soon as we were seated, with menus in hand, the nice waiter brought out a large bowl of those Chinese fried noodle snacking things… with the duck sauce.. Those things were consumed in like 5 minutes.  They were addicting.

Next, the tea..   Normally, I wouldn’t drink hot tea at dinner, but I was pounding the tea like it was a secret Chinese elixir for longevity…it was great!  Sure, I’ll have another cup of tea….yes…it is my 3rd…but that’s ok.

Because the table we were sitting at was super small,  we started to panic that we wouldn’t have enough room for the food to fit at the table.  We were guilty of over ordering.  At home, you could order 6 different Chinese food items without worrying, because they could sit on the counter. Here, is was difficult to figure out what to do.

The waiter probably was used to this problem, since he used every square inch of our table when he brought out the food.

We suffered a gross misjudgment in ordering. And it was hard to not look gluttonous with all the different food plates surrounding us.  One plate of food didn’t even make it to the table, since we had no room!

So, from now on, I think we are going to do the take out a thing.