Pretend Hipster for a Day

I am not aman-597179_640 hipster, and I am certainly not a man.

The only way I could feel like a true hipster was to go out of my comfort zone and do some manly things..

It requires me to think like a man.

I call it  “My hipster man plan.” 

  1. First,  I glanced through some online hipster sites, like the tourism page of Portland, Oregon.   Very informative.
  2. I noticed a lot of hipsters are creative types, so I took a couple of pics outside of nature.  Instagrammed them immediately with hashtags #freetobemelife  #joshuatree  #reclaimedwood  #rivers #hipsterlife
  3. Hipsters love their coffee, so I went to my local artisan coffee shop and ordered some Americanos with some shots of expresso.  Super hyped.
  4. I ordered a smoothie of hummus, kale, and avocado.  Added a banana for sweetness..
  5. Went to REI store and pretended to look at the camping equipment.
  6. Watched a compost heap do its thing… 
  7. Changed my root beer, to a craft beer. 
  8. Picked up some local eggs by the side of the road.
  9. Took a nap in a canoe.
  10. Looked at the clouds, jotted a poem in my leather wrapped journal.
  11. Read a book on Growing Beards the Hipster way...
  12. Made sure I had a lot of bearded friends hanging out with me sporadically during the day… most had the new Apple watch.

I think this was hipster?

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