Cats and their problems…

My cat has been suffering from OCD and dental stuff.

First,  his dental visit:

  1. I took him to the vet dentist.  No, the cat didn’t need to sit in a dentist chair.
  2. The dentist told me he has gingivitis.   oh could that be?
  3. He gave me some poultry flavored tooth paste,  and mini angled tooth brush.  Seems reasonable…
  4. Sent me and cat on our way. purr purr.. cat happy to leave. 
  5. Tried in jest to brush cat’s teeth.  Geez….this is crazy!
  6. Now, the cat senses when I am practicing good dental care for him.  Here kitty I have a treat for you…
  7. Cat runs away.   Ughhh!!! Stupid cat..

This is going to go over well.

On to the OCD.

If my cat could compose a letter, it would go like this:

Dear Slave of my life,

My litter box should always be immaculate.   

Signed, Catcat-98359_640

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