You can shave that beard now….thanks!

Ok..the beard trend has got to go….

Have all men with beards lost their mind?head-152235_640

Recently, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in about a year,  and was shocked to see that over the course of a year, he had grown a beard.

Sadly, it wasn’t a nicely groomed, trim beard, but an unruly, multicolored long haired beard.

The hair on his beard was longer than my hair.  And I am a woman with a bob haircut, or “lob”  which is a trendier way to say “long bob.”

I was repulsed even being in his presence.  I wanted to chop it off with some nail scissors, or whatever sharp item was in my purse at the time.

When I first saw him, I also felt concerned for his mental health:

  1. Is he secretly having a mini meltdown like that Howard Hughes dude who went crazy?   Beards are a precursor to mental breakdowns….
  2. Is he down and out on his luck?..I was pretty concerned.  
  3. Does he own a mirror?  The mirror never lies..
  4. Why isn’t he afraid of his future relationships?    C’mon…the girlfriend /wives didn’t sign up for this grizzly look…
  5. Worried about his move up the corporate ladder…?  You know, Boss man didn’t hire him for his “creative expression through bearding”….   Now with the beard, his boss keeps a close eye on him; probably will be fired soon.
  6. What crisis happened to him? He used to look normal…  things have changed;  He’s that weird dude in the corner now, that wears nice clothes, but still looks down and out. 

I suggest a new rule :

Any women who allow beards on their dudes,  should be forced to grow their own underarm arm,  too….it’s equally gross.

We aren’t living in the late 60s or 70s… or in the 1700s either.

There is a thing called a disposable razor.  A mirror.  Water..shave cream…and self awareness.