Full moon is to blame…

Yes, the full moon must be responsible for my Zappos shipment to arrive so late…..and for missing a few items.

This is the second time this week I have had shipping problems.  First,  from Amazon; second from Zappos.  But I think Zappos is owned by Amazon, so really, they are one in the same.

I guess consistency is their motto:  Ship as many mistakes as you can in a week.

Get it together warehouse! Are your employees secretly rebelling over poor work conditions?  Are the Amazon drones behind this chaos?

I don’t know!!!

Obviously, Zappos already knew they were guilty of a bad shipping experience, when I received a concerned voicemail from Susie.

Susie called my cell to “find out if I received everything in my last order and see if it was delivered?”

.. I don’t think Zappos was calling to say Hi!  How’s it going?  Do you like your new espadrilles?

I guess the good thing about this whole shipping mishap, was that I witnessed how the hipster generation was handling customer service these days..

It went like this:

ME:   Hi …I am missing things from my order….and you called to check if I received everything??

ZAPPOS: Howdy! Hey this is Tom!  I am super excited to be helping you!  I love pizza, puppies, sleeping in, watching TV, playing soccer, and reading Star Wars books….but not in that order.  What is your order number and I’ll look it up?

ME:  Uh…ok…you seem to like a lot of things….           I gave him my order number

ZAPPOS:  Yikes!  It looks like someone else received your order…We will take care of everything right away!  And we will give you a credit for your next order…

ME: Great!   ended my call.

So, even though there was some personal awkwardness at the beginning of the chat…ie: (reading about Tom’s favorite things) my issue was resolved.

I know Zappos was trying to add a human element behind their customer service.  I am sure Tom’s love of puppies was embarrassing to him, as well.

Sorry Tom….I didn’t want to attach human feelings to you.  I wanted to be angry at you, and yell about how that dress you forgot to send was supposed to be worn on Saturday.  I don’t think I will be calling you later to see how you really feel about those puppies or pizza.

You kind of creeped me out, but I’ll take my free coupon.