Dear Kate….Charlotte is a classy name!

Dear Kate, Duchess of Cambridge,

I hope you received my last letter congratulating you on the birth of your new Princess.

Secondly, I am still disappointed in William..he really dropped the ball this time.  You do deserve an overnight stay in a hospital..or at least a goodnight sleep without a baby and toddler annoying you.

I won’t complain anymore about that issue, cause I am classy, but I wanted to say great choice on the baby name.

I love Charlotte!

I don’t know if you watched Sex in the City?  It was years ago.  But the classiest girl of them all was Charlotte.

She had a cute spaniel, a sophisticated wardrobe, and was the most demure of all the women on the show.  You know the others were really messed up… I think they all had daddy issues.

But, Charlotte will certainly be a good role model for your daughter.  Spoiler Alert! ..she did get a little weird at the end of the season when she was all upset about marriage and having babies.

But, I think your Charlotte will do just fine.


That’s it.   Congrats on the baby, and remember, you are in charge.