The Sink and Dishwasher Compromise

When it comes to washing dishes, I have come to the realization that there has to be a compromise between the sink and the dishwasher.

First, I think it is equally important for the sink to do its job, and hold on to all of the dirty dishes for as long as it can.  It’s really obvious the superiority of the dishwasher, but the sink is trying it’s best,  too.

But there’s one big problem with the sink:  It can’t take care of the messy, dirty dishes that are usually in plain sight.  The dishes are always there, dirty,  reminding me that there is still washing to be done.

Sadly, this is where the sink fails in its job.

For example,  maybe there is an unexpected guest who arrives at the doorstep, perhaps with a bottle of wine, or some mixed up mail.  Instead of welcoming them inside with a happy smile, my mind immediately goes to the kitchen….

Ugh.. did I put those nasty dishes into the dishwasher yet?

Did I leave a stack of plates hanging out by the sink?

Is that big pasta pot still full of old sauce? …  Are the glasses all full of half-drunken stuff..?

It can get pretty ugly..

This is one major reason why a sink is only half efficient. Sorry.

But,   I do have some sympathy for the sink..

Let’s look at the feelings of the sink:

  1. A sink loves to be filled up with water…they feel useful ...
  2. The sink is trying its best to keep the water tepid…  it’s an uphill battle
  3. Dishes enjoy hanging out in some sink suds with some old food particles mixed in…. it’s like a foodie party hot tub.
  4. Spoons, forks, and knives also love to hang out at the bottom..  this is where they can get their revenge on the owners who used them before….especially the knives.
  5. Nothing feels better to a sink than Dawn dishwashing liquid.  It’s true…

Ok…the sink is still not fully committed to the job of cleaning dishes.

 I know the dishwasher is far more efficient in its job than a sink full of bubbles..

So,  let’s look at the feelings of the dishwasher:

  1. The dishwasher is super organized, and efficient, and works long hours  Yes, the dishwasher is super OCD,  and takes forever to run a cycle..but it demands perfection and order.  Chaos results when a  spinner is blocked by a knife,  or a fork on the bottom of the drain..
  2. The dishwasher only requires a gel pac. … very clinical now..
  3.  Sometimes the dishwasher rebels,  after going through its hour-long cycles..with leftover dirty dishes, ..    Yesthe cup full of dirty water, or a plate with some old food still hanging on is an act of rebellion….

I guess I better start getting the dishes done.