Kentucky Derby Parties

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and even though I have no interest in seeing the race, I know it’s a big fashionista day for the stars and horse people.

Locally, there are Kentucky Derby viewing parties, or Kentucky Derby Wine Tasting parties, Mint Julep Tea parties, or Kentucky Derby Derby hat parties…..which seems kind of redundant.

The Kentucky Derby is 80% about the experience and 20% about the actual horserace.

Why?  It all comes down to fashion.

First, the hat.

Derby hats are not the most flattering, unless you are one of those people who can look good in any hat.  I heard Kelly Ripa is one of those girls who can rock any hat.

But, for most people,  when faced with a choice of wearing a  big ol hat or a baseball hat…most would choose the latter.

Finding the proper dress.

Dressing for one of these parties usually requires a girl to wear some pastel outfit,  or flowy dress,  or uptight white dress…but mostly a pastel fit and flare dress.

I think some women go over the top with bright colors, big dresses, or over accessorize with matchy matchy hat and shoes.  It’s like they are a big bowl of rainbow sherbet.

But, one thing I know when dressing for a Derby party is…. do not dress like you are going to a black tie event.

Sequins, sparkles, or ball gowns are dead giveaways that you are at the wrong party.  But that doesn’t mean one might not slip through the door.

Let’s look at this horrible fashion scenario:

  1. First, there might be one woman who goes to a Derby party in a nighttime cocktail dress or over the top ball dress.  She might have a proper derby hat, or a fascinator.. but it clashes with all the cotton and pastels in the room..
  2. Sadly, that one woman in the black sequin cocktail dress will be uncomfortable when she’s standing next to another woman wearing only espadrilles and a lilac cotton halter dress..   Yes..this is true.  The girl in the cocktail dress will be super self-aware and proper, but the girl in the espadrilles will be on her 4th mint julep, maybe with her hat already askew… or even off her head…
  3. Everyone will notice the odd ball out girl in the fancy dress.   Yikes!  Any girl’s worst nightmare..  
  4. There might be an excess of horse prints, horse scarves, horse earrings, horse necklaces, and horse purses in the room….those never go well with sequins.

Men need to dress Derby attire, too.  They will need to buy:

  • A new tie– bow or regular.
  • Socks– keep it colorful
  • Derby hat
  • Clothing with printed horses on it, or madras plaid….or pink.
  • Seersucker…  usually hard to wear
  • Linen suit / blazer or
  • Khaki pants

Happy Derby!