Public Library

I went to the public library because I had to find a unique book.

The last time I stepped foot into a public library was like four years ago.  But really, not much has changed:

  1. The ladies working behind the counters still look librarian- ishThe hipster revolution has not made these ladies/men into hipsters, you know, like the bearded men or bohemian women on the streets today..
  2. There weren’t any comfy couches; just some hard, dusty chairs, and school type desks with cubbies. Obviously, West Elm or Pottery Barn furniture was not even mentioned when they bought these items…
  3. The Internet section of the library was full of computers;  but it was antiquated.  The computers looked like old Dells,  and maybe even used floppy disks.
  4. The reference desk had a lot of papers, notices, post its, stacks of books, flowers, construction paper posters, and pamphlets for various library activities.  I wasn’t too keen in attending movie night of …. Something’s Gotta Give …at the library.
  5. The library unsuccessfully tried to look relevant with a funky “Cafe”.  But,  it was only a vending machine and some cafe tables. This must have been an idea from an employee who has since been fired.
  6. Many of the books in this library are from the heyday of libraries.. the 60s,  70s and 80s.  These books aren’t politically correct anymore.. or truthful.
  7. The special audio section of the library had numerous CDs / DVDs from the  80s/90s., too.     I think I saw a Burt Reynolds movie hanging out there.

I was given three book search options for my topic.

  • One book was located at another library 20 miles away.
  • The other was in the special, exclusive Reference section of the library.
  • The last was in the nonfiction section.

Ok. I thought, it shouldn’t be hard to locate two books in this place . My first stop was the reference library.

The book I was looking for must of been a valuable book, since it had been stamped on the inside and outside of the book REFERENCE ONLY, OFFICIAL PROPERTY OF THE LIBRARY, DO NOT REMOVE.

I guess the library was very worried that I would steal or take the book to another area of the library. There were signs up everywhere telling me to keep the book in Reference Only!

Normally,  I would not attach human feelings to an inanimate object, but these books were suffering in library prison.

Since I didn’t want to spend my whole afternoon reading up in a reference library,  I sought out a similar book that I could take out without any guilt.

That book was also among other lonely books in the free to leave section..

Finally,  when I went to check out my book, the library was harboring some anger against progress,  and decided to stick it to me one way or another:

  1. I was scolded for not updating my library card.  Uh…ok...
  2. I was told that I had some overdue book fees that needed to be paid.  $40.00 seems reasonable for 4 years..
  3. I was reminded that I couldn’t check out my new book unless I settled up my late fee bill ….uh..the last time this book was taken out was probably 1984?…

But according to the library system, I was guilty and had to pay a late fee fine.  Thanks!

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