Sorry….no hot dog buns

A hot dog dinner….. without the bun… never a good idea.

Ok. Hot dogs are fun and easy and super delicious.

But what happens when you have to serve hotdogs and you forgot to pick up some hot dog buns, what do you do?  I have come up with a solution:

  1. Tell everyone there were no hot dog buns at the store….  Expect lots disbelief…..
  2. Serve hot dogs with lots of onions, and chili, and ketchup so the bun won’t be missed.   non- condiment lover will hate this option
  3. Cut a hamburger bun in half, and make it seem like that’s how they came.  Spatially, the hot dog will look like one of those jumbo frankfurters in a hamburger roll.
  4. Take a slice of bread and do the same thing…..  expect your company to get up and leave immediately…
  5. Tell everyone your gluten free now.  whoops!  Hide those other items  like potato chips, cookies, or cake in your cabinet.  

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