The Real Housewives of…

My decision to watch some Bravo TV, especially  The Real Housewives of…(insert city) . …  is always a good decision.

I love that even if I miss a show, I can watch it later. Yea!  I admit it…. I have spent many a late night catching up on the Housewives.  They do matter. Yep.  They do.

However, out of all the The Real Housewives series on Bravo, the Australia one is the least popular in my book. Why?

First, the episodes are only on demand.  I am not even sure if Bravo shows them during day/or nighttime hours.

Also, it seems like the Australian women all have the same affinity for poor hair and makeup.  Sadly, they seem stuck in another decade.

From their garish eyeshadow, to sprayed up hairstyles, it’s like Australia just started the 80s all over again.  It reminds me of the women on Dynasty… is overdone, hair is super fried, and its hard to get into their story-lines, because I can’t stop critiquing their awful hair and makeup.

Sorry Australia.

Really….I think because the Housewives of New York, OC, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and maybe NJ are the originals, it is hard to compete.

With this original group, you can expect attractive people, and good choices in clothing and hair.  You can always count on them looking amazing. …also, good character plots involving yelling, screaming, spending, partying, and vacationing in exotic locations make anything more exciting…..It’s obvious they spend lots of money on hair, makeup, and stylists.

.. Those hair wigs can’t be cheap!

Also, Bravo is really bringing the shows this season.  There’s  Southern Charm which I still haven’t decided is worth my time; the Shahs of Sunset-  a show with lots of Kardashian-like women; and finally, Million Dollar Listing-  a show of fun loving men in real estate.

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