Supermarket Surpises

The supermarket definitely has its little surprises….

I was very lucky today to choose a checkout lane that seemed quick,  but also one chock full of supermarket gossip.

In fact, my new friend working at the check out today, is now known as the “super chatty chock full of gossip checkout girl.”

First, we exchanged pleasantries.
Hello….How are you?

Yeah…yeah…let’s get to work I thought.  I was running a little late.

I figured since I was running a little late, I’d try to help pack some bags with her.  I was a pro at bagging groceries, because, it is a long learned skill that I have acquired over the years.

Well, obviously, I was unaware that she had her own system.

Needless to say, I was a little confused.

First, she scanned a few items, and placed them in the bagging area.

Unbeknownst to me, she was trying to match items that fit perfectly together, either by bulk items or perishable items.  I thought some items she discarded,  and left alone in the bagging area were dibs for anyone.

Boy, was I wrong.

She immediately told me “I have a system.”

I immediately said,   “Oh, that makes sense… I”ll let you do your thing,”  and I kindly walked back to my waiting, empty cart.

As the bags were piling up, I started loading my wagon.

Soon enough, super chit chatty gossip checkout girl told me a few stories of her job.

“If you think my system is slow, I have a customer who tells me to bag everything according to color…”

Uh,  I thought, that’s a little presumptuous, and annoying at the same time.

“And to top that off,” she continued, “I have another customer who hands me all her things, one by one, and will refuse to place them on the belt.”

Germaphobe for sure,”  I said laughing.

“Yes, and she also has her whole cart wrapped in produce plastic bags so she doesn’t touch anything.”

 “Mmm.. She must shop at night?”, I asked.

“Yes,  she always does, but none of us want to check her out.   She criticizes us if we do something out of order, or not to her liking... so it’s pretty stressful to be scolded and also to have to deal with a big order,  one by one.”


Wow.   How come I never see these people when I shop…

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