Free Workout Video Day

I was very motivated to fit in some fitness today, after realizing the morning was almost turning into mid afternoon.

I am always looking for some interesting at home workouts, and remembered the cable company had some free workout videos.  I searched in the menu, looked under sports, and voila, found the fitness videos of unknown fitness pros.

The cable company gave it a special name to make you feel like you were enrolling in some fitness class from the 1990s— “sports skool”

Skool is a casual hip-hop reference to school.  Since there was no pressure to enroll, and no guilt of dropping out of “skool,”  it seemed like a good compromise.

I clicked on the menu, and went through my options.

First, there were 15 different yoga classes:  Vinyasa Flow, strength yoga, cardio boxing, arm burns, etc.  The names were pretty non descriptive.

I decided on a floor exercise only concept, called ‘Floor Fitness”

I briefly fast forwarded to see how long and  difficult the workout was going to be.  It seemed ok.

I told myself to commit to at least 20 min of the 45 min workout.

Well…after 10 minutes, this floor workout was killing me.  It was hard.  The concept of this exercise included all the mat workouts of  pilates, with yoga, and calisthenics.

There was one point in the routine where I had to support my side with my bent arm and do arm push ups.

I wasn’t feeling the burn like the kind instructor suggested, but I was feeling the embarrassment of the foolish workout poses.

After finishing about 20 minutes, I turned the TV to Bravo and watched some Housewives.

Probably why you have better luck working out at the gym, and not by being so close to the TV remote.  Less temptation.

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